Teeth Whitening: Is It Safe?

Teeth Whitening: Is It Safe?

Does teeth whitening damage your teeth? The simplest answer is no, teeth whitening will not ruin nor injure your tooth enamel but in order to achieve successful whitening results, the whitening fluid needs to flow through the enamel tubules (small hollow tubes or canals beneath the enamel) and starts to lighten the underlying stained tissues.

Although teeth whitening products have been known to cause temporary soreness and sensitivity to the teeth and gums, it still manages to achieve positive results.

But, aside from professional whitening treatments, there is another kind of whitening, which are the teeth whitening kits, this is teeth whitening treatments that allow you to do the procedure in the comfort of your own home.

But are teeth whitening kits safe? Of course, for any treatment, there will always be risk involved, in this case, the only dangers of using the at home teeth whitening kits are; not following directions and mouth guards provided might not properly fit causing the bleaching gel to leak onto your gums and mouth resulting in tooth and gum sensitivity and blistering.

But how often should I whiten my teeth? To know exactly how often you need to whiten your teeth, the answer is greatly based on what procedure you will take to have your teeth whitened.

For professional teeth whitening, this usually lasts for at least a year before you need to do it again. For professional at-home whitening, this is a professional kit that you get from the dentist which is usually done once every year.Teeth Whitening kits in Sydney

Lastly, for the store bought pre-packaged home teeth whitening kits, these usually require more treatments, more often than the professional ones and it is also very important that you follow the directions.

For these kinds of whitening, it is recommended not to be used for more than 2 weeks at a time and not more than twice a year.

So, for a safe and effective teeth whitening treatment, it’s always best to seek professional help, there are a lot of cheap teeth whitening treatments being offered in Sydney. So for best results, book an appointment with your dentist today.



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