Home Teeth Whitening: Is It Effective?

Home Teeth Whitening: Is It Effective?

Best at home teeth whitening kit in SydneyProfessional teeth whitening is a bit costly and also not for everyone, that’s the reason why some of us take alternative options for teeth whitening like home teeth whitening.

Do any home teeth whitening kits work? And are home teeth whitening kits safe? And what is the best at home teeth whitening kit? These are just some of the questions that come to mind when planning to purchase over the counter teeth whitening products.

If you check your social media like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, there are a lot of advertisements about products to whiten your teeth and many of us are hooked in buying these products. The question is, are they safe to use?

We have to be careful about what we are buying especially if it’s over the counter whitening kits. Some of these products are not tested and sometimes are not approved by the TGA.

Always remember that teeth whitening kits are abrasive and can potentially cause damage to your enamel. Home teeth whitening kits are not suitable for everybody.

It is always important that before you use any of these kits you already had a consultation with your teeth whitening in Sydney dentist. There are a few types of home teeth whitening that you can purchase over the counter.

Here are the types of home teeth whitening.

    • Teeth Whitening Trays and Gels – are effective, but the desired results take longer to achieve than with in-chair teeth whitening.
    • Teeth Whitening Strips – sold over the counter and are fairly inexpensive, easy to use and most of them really work. The results may take longer depending on the strength of peroxide that they contain.
    • Teeth Whitening Toothpaste – contain mild abrasives to remove surface stains, may have additional polishing agents and special chemicals that are more effective against stains than regular toothpaste, but teeth whitening toothpaste are not designed to actually “bleach” your teeth.

There are a lot of cheap teeth whitening in Sydney but it is still best to consult your dentist and be aware that all products are approved by the TGA.





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