Coconut Oil As Teeth Whitening Agent

Coconut Oil As Teeth Whitening Agent

Teeth Whitening in SydneyHaving white teeth is really an asset for all of us and it is also a confidence booster. There are few home remedies that can help you get teeth whitening at home.

One example is by using coconut oil. Coconut oil pulling is one of the most common methods being used at home.

Coconut oil is known for its health benefits. But does coconut oil whiten teeth? Or does coconut oil remove stains on teeth?

There are some studies that coconut oil pulling is an effective agent in whitening the teeth especially if you mixed it with hydrogen peroxide.

Oil pulling exists 100 years ago used by people from South Asian and Indian medicine. They consider oil as a healthy substance for our body tissue.

Is coconut oil pulling bad for your teeth? Swishing the oil can remove bacteria in your mouth that can cause cavities so oil pulling is not bad for your teeth.

You can mix coconut oil with baking soda or hydrogen peroxide to maximise the whitening effect. But before you do different kinds of home remedies, it is important that you seek advice with your dentist.

Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda are abrasive and having too much content of these substances could cause damage to your enamel and will increase the risk for tooth decay.

Having these home remedies are actually cheap so most of us are always interested to have these options than having it done by a professional teeth whitening dentist especially that teeth whitening in Sydney are high in demand.

Coconut oil pulling or other home remedies are effective just use it with precaution.






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