Laser Teeth Whitening: How Much Is It?

Laser Teeth Whitening: How Much Is It?

We all know what teeth whitening is but what is laser teeth whitening? For one thing, it is a professional teeth whitening procedure because it should only be done exclusively in a dental clinic. It is also considered to be the most costly procedure for teeth whitening.

So why is that? What makes it so different and why is it the most expensive? Generally for this kind of treatment, bleach is being administered on each tooth and the heat being produced by the laser magnifies its effectiveness while eventually hastening the process. It requires the use of a strong bleaching gel, triggered and intensified by the laser for a fast breath-taking result.

The downside to this procedure however is that it uses a strong hydrogen peroxide gel which according to the ADA ranges from 25 to 40 percent in concentration levels.

Of course with such huge concentrations, certain provisions such as cheek retractors, soft rubber dams to cover gums, desensitising paste and fluoride applications are being implemented to diminish tooth sensitivity and to ensure the overall protection of the lips, gums and oral tissues from possible injuries and damages.Laser teeth whitening in Sydney

So how much does laser teeth whitening cost? Makes you wonder how much a treatment such as this would probably cost.

Well, let’s compare, normal teeth whitening in Sydney cost about $800 per visit, on the other hand, laser teeth whitening cost in Sydney at around $1,000 for the procedure. But there are teeth whitening special offers that are available which makes you save a lot of money.

But whichever treatment you choose, its preservation and success will still be up to you. Take care of it and be astounded at how it would return the favour back to you.


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